Radio Harness
Trendsetting radio harness with opportunity for modular customization with MOLLE compatible holsters
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Delivery Time:
1-2 days
flexible: infinite adjustable radio compartment
versatile: mounting area for MOLLE compatible holsters
practical: zipper compartment for important documents
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approx. 350 g
Dimensions (W x H x D):
23 x 18 x 6 cm
1200D polyester, 3D mesh

The CHEST MOLLE harness impresses with its innovative combination of radio compartment and large main compartment, which is interchangeable with MOLLE compatible holsters.

Radio compartment, positioned at left side is infinitely adjustable to size of radio or another device such as swivel-head torch etc.. Textile loop for fixation of antenna supports firm hold of radio.

Maximum of individuality in configuration of the harness provide attached PALS elements, which allows for mounting of wide variety of MOLLE-compatible holsters on front. Using this opportunity CHEST MOLLE users can perfectly match configuration of harness with their individual needs.
Delivery state of harness contains one large multipurpose holster with three inner pockets and spacious storage space.

Zipper compartment (16 x 12 cm) at rear of harness allows for storage of documents, notes etc.

Breathable padding and compact design provides high wearing comfort even at longer use. Infinitely variable and partially elastic carrying straps allow for individual adjustment to needs of user within a wide adjustment range.

Thanks to mounting of TEE-UU logo with hook-and-loop fastener, it can easily be removed if required e.g., due to use at field of operation etc.


  • infinitely adjustable radio compartment for devices with perimeter from 12 to 24 cm
  • PALS mounting area for MOLLE-compatible holsters etc.
  • large, changeable main compartment with:
    - 1 large inner pockets (W x H x D: 11 x 16.5. x 4 cm)
    - 3 small pockets, one of them with hook-and-loop-fastener
    - 2 elastic loops e.g. for pen, penlight etc.
    - textile loop e.g. for fixation of keychain etc.
    - cover flap with hook-and-loop fastener
    - TEE-UU logo is detachable (mounting: hook-and-loop fastener)
    - loop tape (W x H: approx. 2.5 x 2.5 cm) for customized labeling
    - PALS attachment system with metal snap fastener for mounting
      to harness or other MOLLE-gear
  • zipper pocket at rear (W x H: 16 x 12 cm) for documents etc.
  • breathable padding
  • individually adjustable, partially elastic carrying straps



    PALS mounting system:

    PALS (= Pouch Attachment Ladder System) is an attachment system, which usually based on textile straps and designed to mount additional equipment such as this holster to MOLLE-gear (e.g. backpack, body armor etc.).
    To do this, textile strap is threaded alternately through the system loops of the MOLLE gear and holster and pulled tight.

Scope of delivery:

Harness with detachable main compartment, without further or pictured supplies

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