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Training Dummy
Perfect training dummy! Durable and easy to carry!
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Delivery Time:
1-2 days
flexible configuration: loop tapes for mounting of injury patterns
easy to carry: thanks to the integrated and stowable transporting system
durable: reinforced seams and resistant fabric
incl. VAT plus shipping
approx. 2,000 g
Dimensions (W x H x D):
70 x 170 x 22 cm
1680D TEC Polyester with 2 mm HighDurable PVC internal coating

The CRASH & CARRY training dummy is the perfect training tool for members of fire and emergency services.

Anyone who already had to prepare practical training sessions, knows how hard it is to carry a training dummy on your own: it is extremely exhausting and sometimes almost impossible.
Here the CRASH & CARRY training dummy plays its trump card. Due to the integrated and stow able carrying system training dummy can easily be carried as a back-pack. During transport arms and legs can be tied at torso for even more convenient transport as back-pack. Two people can easily carry the dummy by using the straps as handles.

Thanks to contouring of training dummy it can be used for training of application of cervical collar or removing of motorcycle helmet.

Supplemental self-adhesive THERMO PADS are available at tee-uu (on request) for training of search and rescue with a thermal imaging camera.
The 170 cm tall CRASH & CARRY training dummy can be filled individually by the user – up to a weight of 40 kg. The weight of 40 kg is limited by carrier system. A total weight of 25 – 35 kg is adequate for a realistic training scenario and doesn’t over-strain the trainees needlessly. If the carrier system is not used, the dummy can be filled up to a weight of 70 kg.

Flexible composition:
A total of 14 hook-and-loop areas for the application of injury patterns can be found at the dummy’s head, torso and extremities. The images are contained in a folder with a download link for free download of injury patterns. Optionally, the injury patterns can be delivered for immediate use – laminated with integrated hook-and-loop fastener.

Comfortable training preparation by one person only:

The integrated and stowable transporting system allows for easy carrying of the dummy as back pack. Arms and legs are connected with two adjustable straps and robust metal clips. During ongoing training sessions, the carrying straps can be stored invisibly in the integrated back pocket.

Adequate weight:

Purpose of the training dummy is to facilitate realistic emergency scenarios for fire and emergency services. A total weight of 25 – 35 kg is sufficient for these purposes.

Easy to carry:

Thanks to the integrated and stowable transporting system the dummy can be carried similarly to a traveling bag. This way, the dummy can be easily carried by one or two people – depending on the filling weight of the dummy.

Fill the CRASH & CARRY training dummy with old clothes, cut into pieces. Jeans or similarly heavy fabrics are very-well suited and easy to get by. Maximum weight 40 kg!


  • 14 hook-and-loop areas for the application of injury patterns
  • design of neck and head is suitable for application of cervical collar
  • integrated and stow able backpack carrying system (max. load: approx..40 kg)
  • reinforced seams and resistant fabric
  • inner dividers ensure for equal weight distribution



Additionally available accessories:

  • THERMO-PAD, set of 10 pieces
    art.-no.: 1120-0000

  • INJURY PATTERNS, set of 36 pieces
    art.-no.: 1121-0000

  • RAPID Trauma Simulation, set
    art.-no.: 1125-0000


Product details:

  • max load of training dummy: approx. 70 kg
  • max. load of training dummy for use of backpack carrying system: 40 kg



Scope of delivery:

Training Dummy, without filling, including folder with download-link for free download of injury patterns; without further or pictured supplies

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